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" Beyond the Layers "
Cyber Security Solutions

Discover the solutions offered by Repel Technology.

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" Beyond the Layers "
Cyber Security Solutions

Ghost Technology - Expolore the secure world!

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" Beyond the Layers "
Cyber Security Solutions

Discover the solutions offered by Repel Technology.

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Advanced Secure Products

Feel safe at all times

Enhanced Cyber Security Solutions

Safeguard your business

Advanced Threat Detection

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We provide " Solutions Beyond The Layers! "

Repel, with its expert team, commenced its operations in 2022 as a technology company that is innovative, technological, and develops unconventional products. Under the slogan 'Beyond the Layers,' Repel applies the advancements made in all layers of the GHOST product to its other solutions.Our main goal is to enhance users' cybersecurity levels, safeguard all users' data against potential external threats, and continuously develop up-to-date products to counter the ever-increasing cyberattacks.I

  • Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Efficiency and productivity-focused approach

  • Innovation-Driven Technological Products

We manage all kinds of cybersecurity solutions and services
guaranteeing your security

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Totally Security-Focused Products

We’re Offering Unique and Fully Secured Products

Military Grade Secure Phone

Ghost - Military Grade Secure Phone ensures that your communication becomes untraceable...

Encrypted Portable Router

GhostBox is the ultimate portable/fixed 4G/5G router for users and B2B clients who seek...

Mobile Device Management

GhostMDM - Mobile Device Management Software offers wide-range of security policies that ...

DDoS Mitigation

Our network security services, designed to cater to the unique needs of our...


Safeguard your website applications from the most critical vulnerabilities, threats...

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-320,000 - Attacks - Mitigated-

"Beyond the Layers" Security

As Repel Cyber Security, we provide advanced technological cyber security solutions for your business

  • Network

    As Repel, we provide various cybersecurity solutions, including Layer 4 and Layer 7 network security

  • Red Team Testing

    Red team assessments involve comprehensive security evaluations that utilize intricate combinations of physical and digital attack strategies


Cyber & Security



@webiny/react-rich-text-renderer before 5.37.2 allows XSS attacks by...



Openfire is an XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache...



RARLabs WinRAR before 6.23 allows attackers to execute arbitrary code...

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