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Ghost - Military Grade Encrypted Secure Phone

Ghost is an end-to-end encrypted mobile device - equipped by high-tech onDevice and OnAir security precautions - providing untrackable, unaccessible, unhackable and the most secure communication

onAir Security

The security of theincoming/outgoing databetween the users is providedin 5 different layers on the GHOST:

Layer 1 - Security on Transport Layer

*All data transports over an encrypted WG VPN Tunnel service which is provided by REPEL servers or your servers

Layer 2 - Security on Certificates

*SSL Pinning and self signed certificates are used in order to ensure blocking MitM attacks
*Both client and server certificates are used for 2-way authentication in order to ensureblocking unauthorized client access

Layer 3 - Security on P2P Messaging Layer and Signaling

*All data transfers are encrypted by an unique key(generated only between 2 peers)*Public and Private keys algorithm is elliptic curve - SECP256r1
*Secret keys are derived from ECDH key exchange mechanism
*Encryption algorithms ChaCha20-Poly1305

Layer 4 - Security on P2P Calling

*All calls are end-to-end encrypted ( enabled dtls and SRTP )
*For each call new keys are generated ( ECDSA )
*Totally P2P connection is secured with no touch points on any servers.

Layer 5 - APN Support

*Completely Closed Network
*Private domains
Zero log policy *DNS over TLS *Custom priv DNS server

onDevice Security

Ghost ensures security and privacy trough unique solutions and adjustments with Full Disc Encryption on:

Linux Kernel
Android Framework Layer
Little Kernel Layer
Device Policy Manager
All ports are disabled(including manufacturer port)
Fully protected against JTAG & Chip-Out

*Ghost sales are not available to B2B - B2C users. Only B2G* Please contact us for detailed information.*


Do you provide a one-fits-for-all solution as GHOST?

NO! GHOST can be customized based on user needs and expectations

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